Annie Scaglione Painter

Annie Scaglione

I grew up in Colorado and studied fine art at Western State in Southwest Colorado, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. From there, I moved back to Denver, got my teaching degree, and have been teaching art to kids for the past ten years in public schools. Currently, I teach drawing and painting at a public high school. I continue to learn about the daily process and courage of making art from my high school students. I am driven by the courage to make art, the vision to see it through, and the endurance to wake up and do it all again the next day. I have realized my days don’t feel complete without being creative and using my hands to make art.

My current work draws inspiration from adventure, travel, and the nostalgic objects (past and present) of our everyday lives. My goal to connect people with place, wonder with wander, was the foundation of my recent body of work titled Right to Roam.  My work tells stories of the everyday and captures colour combinations, details and textures that take us back to another time or place.  

I realized that if I want to be an artist, I need to create wherever and whenever.  My "studio" can be found on the road traveling in the summer with my husband and two kiddos, to a sunny desk space at home, to my studio space in Denver. I have realized, in the midst of all this growing up and trying to figure myself out as an artist + human, that I was made to work hard, use my hands, get messy, interact and teach, and share my passion for art making with others. I come from generations of hard workers who moved out west to work the land and work hard to live, eat and feed their families, with the hope of a better life. I am certain this is what they were hoping for, for us, the future generation.